Friday Fish 10/21/2017

Friday Fish is an open invitation to our disabled veterans, every week of the year.

We meet at Tips Turf Grass Farm, 12205 Hwy 80E, 4 miles east of Martindale, next to the river. A private lake, and a mile of river access allow our heroes to fly fish to their heart’s delight.

Hot coffee and fresh breakfast tacos welcome our faithful fly fishers at 0700, and we fish till 1100 hrs.

Fly tying vises are always available, and they come in handy for those few days when the weather does not cooperate for fishing.

This past Friday, Gordon and Erik scored big time on some oversized fish! Way to go!

I closed out the day on the river on my Diablo kayak. The setting sun lighted my way back to the Jeep.